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We grow and sell Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries and Hops.  We also make and sell apple syrup, blueberry syrup, fruit jams, and apple butter.
Update:  September 24, Orchard open   (weekends only 10-5). Please note, that not all apples will be available to pick.  See what is available below. Please check the apple page for apples prices, apple varieties etc.  

We are a traditional orchard, you pick the apples directly from the trees.  We do not have entertainment and we do not charge a separate fee to pick in our orchard, you only pay for the apples that you pick. 

We also, make our own fruit jams, syrups, apple butter and fresh apple cider(check availability).

Pre-picked apples are also available.  These would be from the apples that are currently ripe and picked in the pole barn.  If you are looking for a large quantity of pre-picked apples please give us a call and we will make arrangements.  Thank you.  

Apple Availability:  currently ripe and ready for picking -    Beacon, Chestnut Crab, Sweet 16, Frostbite, and Haralson.  Please check back daily as this will be updated as new apples are ready for picking. 

Note;  1/2 peck minimum price to pick in orchard. 

Bees/natural pollinator Information:  We were part of a University of Minnesota Natural Pollinator study last year. It turns out that our farm has one of the largest natural bee/pollinator populations.    

Cash, Check or credit cards/debit cards accepted.